Tiramisù, the dessert that warms the heart of every Italian, entwined with our fondest memories of childhood and happy family gatherings, is now a liquor.

Bring back those emotions with a sip of Tiramisù di Casa, and indulge in its
creamy sweetness as you recall the thrill of that first spoonful.

Colour: pale hazelnut.

Aroma: tempting notes of cocoa and coffee, reminding of the creamy texture typical of the iconic italian dessert.

Taste: rich and fulfilling; the toasted notes of cocoa and coffee blend beautifully with a sweet and creamy vanilla, for a long and delicious finish.

Alcohol by volume: 16% Vol. – Bottle size: 70 cl

Produced by Distilleria Bonaventura Maschio srl
Gaiarine Treviso

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